Welcome Letter

Karen J. MartinezIn 1997, BRAVO! launched as a new and innovative company that could revolutionize the way janitorial services were contracted.   It was evident within the facility support services industry that customers needed to be educated and janitorial specifications needed to be re-engineered.  As a result, we built the foundation of our company on the simple yet dependable words, “Do what you say you’re going to do.”  These words have remained embedded in our BRAVO! fabric, and today, it is what inspires us to deliver safe, well-maintained environments.

Twenty years later, that same philosophy drives our ‘super-charged’ management and leadership team at BRAVO! We are a group of dedicated and passionate leaders, focused on delivering excellence in customer-service. We ensure that every facility we touch is BRAVONIZED by our “hand-picked” management team so that each valued customer receives exceptional service.  We proudly stand apart in the marketplace as a large-sized contractor with a unique and caring entrepreneurial spirit.  Yet, we could not have accomplished this impressive stature without our devoted employees, who rise to the challenge every day to be better, to never settle, and to tenaciously pursue the indispensable goal of seamless facility support services.

Thank you to our loyal customers, staff, families, vendors, friends, and associates…you have been part of our journey, and we have been a part of your lives.  You have continually inspired us to strive for excellence.  In turn, we are excited to bring to you in 2017 an integrated work order and PM system for our project managers, operating engineers, HVAC, and maintenance technicians.  In addition, while we are leading the industry with our independent QA inspectors and integrated platform, we are progressing our continuous improvement programs with a newer technology that allows us to establish measurable target thresholds, thus improving the transparency of these advanced techniques.

Much of the learning we do at BRAVO! occurs beneath the surface, where the impact, though subtle, is meaningfully improving core operations.  At this level, we give every employee the opportunity for professional and technical development and to be a team member within the five different companies that comprise who we are today…BRAVO! Group Services.

What makes us unique?  Remaining humble and nimble…which empowers the leadership team at BRAVO! to keep our decision-making velocity high.  Speed matters in business, plus a high-velocity decision making environment is more fun, too!  We don’t know all the answers, and we are not perfect; however, our solutions keep our energy high and confirm why we are the chosen company when a customer is seeking the right contractor for their unique and possibly complex facility.  We successfully thrive in our fast-paced, challenging environments due to our commitment to maintain a pulse on every facility, delivering competitive advantages, cost-saving alternatives, and improved technologies for true IFM model services.

We are so blessed, and I personally thank you for sharing your gifts and your friendship over the years….and I look forward to many more.

Sincerely inspired by you,

BRAVO! Group Services
Karen J. Martinez, FSO
Founder, CEO and President
[email protected]
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