Why Outsourcing Facility Maintenance Eliminates the 70/30 Problem

If your company is contemplating outsourcing facility maintenance services, consider these reasons why it may be precisely what you company need.

Outsourcing Your Facility Maintenance is Cost-effective.

outsourcing facility maintenanceMost companies all over the world experience the 70/30 problem. This means only 30 percent of the employees do 70 percent of the work. As result companies do not achieve optimum production from their human resource. However, when companies outsource facility maintenance, they acquire the right expertise, skills, and resources to drive facility management services costs down. With the right facility support company like BRAVO! You can outsource janitorial services, electrical services, mechanical services, maintenance and operating engineers as well as healthcare environmental services eliminating recruiting costs, training costs, and the daily management of employees. Moreover, you get to benefit from economies of scale. For example with the BRAVO! Janitorial services you are guaranteed to get the best pricing on equipment and supplies like toilet paper, towels, and hand soap.

Outsourcing Facility Maintenance increases responsiveness.

With the only 70 percent of the work being done by 30 percent of employees you expect low or no response to maintenance issues. Maintenance issues are placed on the back burner, and deferred maintenance has become the new standard. Also, facilities management team members may be incapable of responding to maintenance issues immediately, unless that situation is considered an emergency. However, outsourcing facility services increase responsiveness and timely service. Find a respected, professional facility services provider like the BRAVO! To build a lasting partnership that can transform your facility.

Your Facility service company lets your employees focus on more important tasks.

Outsourcing facility maintenance will relieve you of responsibilities such as managing cleaning operations, ensuring high-quality cleaning standards, ordering supplies, servicing equipment and other time intensive operations. These duties become the responsibility of your facility support company. This allows managers to focus on more core competencies and other tasks no one but you can do. A professional facility support also allows your team to focus on more value-adding disciplines such as customer service or improving products or service enabling the company to increase profit margins.

Specialized Repairs.

Another benefit of outsourcing facility maintenance is that when a high-tech piece of equipment stops working, you will have someone specially trained for that particular machine address the issue. Repairs and maintenance consume large amounts of labor and time. So this work is best completed by a professional. With BRAVO! You can receive certified and specialized repairs every time, on every piece of equipment. This means less downtime and more efficient production. The maintenance, repairs and replacement costs of equipment are catered for by the facility support company. Outsourcing these tasks means that your staff can focus on what they are good at, while a facility maintenance staff quickly completes equipment checkups. Having periodical inspections of all manufacturing or plant equipment could identify safety hazards, code violations, and inefficiencies. Finding these deficiencies and addressing them can not only save money but potentially save employees from handling risky duties which they have no expertise in.