Proper Preventative Maintenance For HVAC Cooling Towers

During the intense summertime heat, your HVAC system likely relies on a cooling tower to keep both the machine and your home cool. During extreme heatwaves, it is imperative to ensure you have a cooling tower that works diligently to keep your home fresh. To do this, it requires proper preventative maintenance for your HVAC cooling towers before the dangerously sizzling summer season begins.

Comparing HVAC Cooling Towers: Mechanical Draft and Natural Draft

Preventative Maintenance For HVAC Cooling TowersMost HVAC systems work on either a mechanical draft or natural draft cooling tower. These towers work differently to keep both the machine and your house cool. Mechanical draft cooling towers have fans installed inside them that create the cold air for the device and your home. Alternatively, a natural draft cooling tower works by drawing in the cold wind that blows past the system to move hot air away from your home or office.

Mechanical drafts are often preferential to both office and homeowners since these systems create their air from fans. Natural draft cooling towers rely too heavily on the outside air being cold, which can be challenging during the most intense months of a summer heatwave. This problem can make the system ineffective on certain days, whereas a mechanical draft can provide a breezy environment for an entire building with the maximum number of fans installed.

Preventative Maintenance Required for HVAC Cooling Towers

While both HVAC cooling towers require maintenance that ensures it works as intended, mechanical draft cooling towers require more maintenance than their counterparts. While the fans provide an unlimited source of cold air for a building and cooling tower, they can also start to wear down over time. The gearboxes that control them even begin to deteriorate over time.

Owners of a mechanical cooling tower should have the system’s fans and gearboxes inspected annually. The best time to have this done is during early to mid-spring, giving enough time to have the system both inspected and repaired in time before the hot summer months.

Importance of Keeping Your HVAC Cooling Tower Maintained

Most owners upkeep their HVAC cooling towers to ensure they stay within compliance with federal and local regulations. Most states will penalize you for breaking building codes, such as running a faulty HVAC system. Most times this includes a hefty penalty fine and requires you to bring your HVAC up to code, making you spend the time and money regardless.

By keeping up with the maintenance for your HVAC cooling tower, you avoid these fines and penalties. It can also reduce energy bills for a company since newer fans often help with energy-efficiency. Owners often find the system also lasts years longer in comparison to those who don’t keep up with proper preventative measures.

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