Should Your Facility Take Advantage of Advanced Lighting Controls?

Business facilities need upgrades every now and then. Electrical maintenance, HVAC services, and janitorial work always need attention. How do you make your business facility stand out above the rest? BRAVO! has the answer you’re looking for. Whether it’s janitorial, electrical, or HVAC services, BRAVO! will cover you. They also offer a new feature, advanced lighting controls, that could give your establishment the ultimate upgrade in style and functionality.

Advanced Lighting ControlsAdvanced lighting controls with LED technology is a new cost-effective solution to classic facility lighting. Using advanced lighting controls can give you more control over your space, with three key features: daylight harvesting, task tuning, and occupancy detection. Daylight harvesting is an innovative technique that utilizes ambient lighting present in a space. It will dim or turn off the light when enough light is already present, or when the space is not occupied. Sensors connected to your LED lighting collect data and help you see how your spaces are used, and what spaces are occupied at what times. The connectivity of advanced lighting controls can also monitor and control the HVAC capabilities. Using this data helps you learn what’s happening in your spaces and how you can maximize usability from your space. Advanced lighting controls will also offset 10 years of energy expense in just one year, which is a lot of savings. The system is easy to use and the data collected can be easily accessed.

Using the data to find any unused spaces and redesigning your facility to better use all available space is only the tip of the possibilities with advanced lighting controls. The luminaries themselves offer light that can be adjusted per task, which increases worker productivity. Whether you need warm or cool light for different projects your workers do throughout the day, you can adjust accordingly. The lighting can be operated as one unit or separate luminaries in a room, and the light produced is very cost effective, and easy on maintenance. The intuitive lighting control within the system breaks down any barriers to advanced lighting controls, and make the space more efficient. You only need to adjust it when you’re actively using the space for unique tasks. Collecting and analyzing data recorded from the lighting fixtures will solve more than just lighting problems.

As you study the data, you may find that some rooms are rarely used throughout the day, week or month. You may find that some places become over crowded, stifling work efficiency. Rearranging your workers or moving projects from one space to another can increase worker productivity, and increase the use of your facility. You may even find spaces for future projects that haven’t been initiated yet. There is also software that can be installed to connect the facility through the lighting system. Using this software can further maximize the data collection for your building and boost productivity.

BRAVO! has the advanced lighting controls you need to maximize your space, boost worker productivity, and save money through upgrades. Based in New Jersey, BRAVO! is one of the largest facility supply companies in the country. Let BRAVO! handle not only your HVAC and janitorial services, but your new integrated lighting services too. BRAVO! will handle all of your facility’s needs and upgrades, and provide you with high-quality, innovative technology and cost effective solutions to your facility’s needs.