Spring Cleaning At Work: Getting Ready For Summer

Spring is finally here. We’re starting to adorn those light clothes we’ve missed for months. It’s an ideal time to begin showing productivity and carry out a thorough clean that have long been evaded. Apart from April, businesses and households can schedule for spring cleaning during fall (October). Planning for that is essential to avoid falling on the wayside. Once temperatures escalate in summer, getting people actively cleaning will be near impossible.

Are you in search of commercial janitorial and building maintenance services in Oklahoma City, Charlotte, NC; New Jersey, Columbia, SC or Bentonville, AR? BRAVO! is your trusted, professional cleaning company. We provide affordable cleaning services including maintenance works such as electrical and HVAC upgrades to ensure your business premises remain conducive for work and occupancy.

BRAVO! has come up with some of the critical factors that you need to review when scheduling for an exhaustive cleaning as you approach summer.

Cut the Clutter

With time, items build up in the surrounding. The first big step to beginning your big clean is to get rid of cluttered material. You can declutter a room by identifying recyclable material such as paper and cans or tossing useless items in the trash can. Decluttering the environment has its benefits. It lightens up the atmosphere and boosts employee satisfaction. Additionally, undertaking other tasks involving cleaning works is more comfortable in an organized area.

Pay Attention to the Floor

Spring CleaningThe floor is among the hard surfaces that get the most beating from the winter weather. Rock salts and other granular materials used to prevent trips and slips on eyes often find its way around the entrance areas. Such rough can cause deterioration of the floor coat causing it to lose its visual appeal.

BRAVO! invests in state-of-the-art equipment and technological solutions to ensure your floor’s finish retains its lost appeal. We combine agitation, high-pressure jet cleaning, heat, and extraction processes to get rid of hard, granular particles. That alleviates costs associated with repairs, replacements, and refurbishments.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning the windows during your spring big cleans highly advisable. An unfortunate thing that comes with the spring light is that sun rays tend to highlight the blemishes and dirt on the glass panes of the windows. We often neglect the windows during the winter season. Spring is the best time to hire professional cleaners to cleanse the area both inside and outside. That makes the windows the focus; not because of untidiness but their spotlessly-clean condition.

HVAC Maintenance

A lot of commercial premises barely use their HVAC systems during winter. But when such a critical piece of equipment develops a hitch, getting quality air is virtually impossible. BRAVO! technicians are trained in providing professional electrical and HVAC maintenance including comprehensive AC coil cleaning services.

Without routine cleaning, the HVAC system may fail, leading to the build-up of odor, allergens, and escalating utility bills. Cleaning the A/C unit rids it of grime and sludge which ensures an elongated product life and plummeted utility costs.

Leasing or purchasing a work-space is an investment that takes a massive chunk of your savings account. It is important to schedule for bust cleans every twice a year (in April and October) to ensure the place remains perfect for business. A clean space not only appeals to employees and clients but also raises the value of the property.