Spring Forward: Did You Remember To Set Your Thermostat?

It is Monday morning March 11. Hopefully you all remembered to set your clocks ahead one hour yesterday. But did you also remember to set your programmable thermostat? 

Spring Forward: Did You Remember To Set Your Thermostat?

Modern technology has offered us many advances in the way we do things. Our programmable thermostat‘s are a convenience that many of us cannot live without. Unfortunately, not all of them automatically adjust for daylight savings time. If yours does not, it is important for the efficiency and safety of the unit, and your connected equipment, as well as your comfort, that you remember to adjust the time on your thermostat.

Why You Need To Check Your Thermostat

With an additional hour of run time your thermostat may create comfort issues if the time setting is not correct.  Longer days can create warmer afternoons and cooler mornings. It is important to adjust your thermostat settings for these differences. In addition, an improper thermostat setting can cause your equipment to run when the building is unoccupied (or not run when the building is occupied). This can cause unneeded expenses and inefficiencies.

Additionally some standard systems may not turn on or off during their appropriate times if your time settings are not correct due to the time change. If you have systems that are dependent on each other like cooling towers scheduled with water cooled units, incorrect time settings can cause unnecessary safety trips. 

Proper settings for your programmable thermostat in addition to preventative maintenance can help prolong the life of your HVAC system, proper settings can also increase the comfort level of your staff and clients creating more productivity and better sales.

Speaking of preventative maintenance

Spring is also a great time to schedule an appointment to have one of our experts come and do a routine maintenance and check up on your HVAC system. We can ensure that your system is running smoothly for the upcoming summer season. Give BRAVO! and CK Control Temp a call and our team will be more than happy to come out to your location and provide the proper maintenance and check up to keep your HVAC system running great all through the warm summer months.