The Reason You Should Convert Your Facility To LED Lighting

Technology has given us many improvements over the years that can make our lives easier and more efficient. One of the most underrated advances has been in illumination. Lighting is something many of us take for granted. We flip a switch and the room is lit. However, many of us still use the same design incandescent bulbs that Thomas Edison invented in 1880. If you haven’t considered converting your facility to LED lighting, This is something you should consider.

Thomas Edison revolutionized the world with his incandescent light bulb. Before that, candles and oil lamps were the main source of lighting in peoples homes and offices. And even though incandescent lamps suck up a lot of power by todays standards, they were far less expensive then buying lamp oil and candles.

Saving Money

That brings us to our first reason to convert your facility to LED lighting. A single 4 watt LED bulb puts out the same amount of illumination as a single 60 watt incandescent bulb. It is easy to see how this can drastically lower your utility bills, especially if your facility has dozens, or even hundreds of lighting fixtures.

But what if your facility uses mostly fluorescent fixtures? Well a 4 foot T8 fluorescent bulb typically uses 32 watts of power, and a comparable 4 foot LED bulb is 16 watts. The LED bulb is also dimmable allowing you to lower the energy usage by simply dimming the bulb a little.

LED bulbs are typically a bit more expensive to purchase then their old fashioned equivalents, but the prices have dropped drastically over the past several years making the prices comparable (and in some cases less expensive).

Convert Your Facility To LED LightingLower wattage bulbs isn’t the only way that you will save money if you convert your facility to LED lighting. LED bulbs do not create as much heat as conventional lighting. A standard incandescent bulb creates light by heating a filament up until it is glowing hot. Although this does create ample light, it also creates a lot of heat. The reason that LED lights are able to produce light using far less electricity then conventional light is that they are far more efficient at converting electricity into illumination. Whereas a standard incandescent light creates light and heat, the LED is about 85% more efficient at creating light, and thereby not producing as much heat as a byproduct. As a result, converting your facility to LED lighting will also reduce your HVAC usage and those lower your cooling costs as well.

There are other reasons to convert you facility to LED lighting. However, saving money is a pretty big one. Saving money on your energy costs also means you are using less electricity which means you are reducing the stress on power plants and you are helping to protect the environment.


Another reason you may wish to convert your facility to LED lighting is design. There is a lot more you can do with LED lights then there is with conventional lighting. LED lights come in all shapes and sizes from standard 4 foot tubes (like fluorescents), to flat panels and strips. LED lighting makes recess lighting and accent lighting easy. You can also use color changing LED lighting and be able to make simple adjustments in color temperature or stronger adjustments with vibrant colors. With LED lighting, you can design what you want, and have control over it.

Recent studies have shown that warmer lighting can help people stay awake and focused later in the day. So one could have their office lighting change from cool white in the morning to a warm shade after lunch.

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