What Are The Most Eco-Friendly HVAC Refrigerants?

HVAC refrigerant fluids are not all created equal. The most common and cost effective HVAC fluid is freon. Unfortunately as our technology and testing have improved over the years, freon has been shown to be dangerous towards the environment and is being phased out. As scientists looked through thousands of molecules in a DOE study to find eco-friendly HVAC refrigerants, they struggled to find many that would work. Most of the fluids that were more eco-friendly were also highly flammable, which is against US safety codes. As we work steadily toward bettering the environment, we need to find immediate solutions to keep our current HVAC systems running cleanly and optimally. BRAVO! has HVAC solutions for your business to accomplish just that.

Eco-Friendly HVAC RefrigerantsMost refrigerant fluids found today are from the group of molecular compounds called halocarbons. Freons are molecular compounds found in this group that were named by the researchers for General Motors in the 1920s. Freons are the most widespread refrigerant fluids used in HVAC systems today. Freons were discovered to be adding to the depletion of the ozone layer. In 1987, the United States and many other countries began to phase out Freons and other harmful chemicals from business production. But we still need to keep our facilities cool in hot months, so we turned to more eco-friendly fluids to use in our HVAC systems.

When selecting refrigerant fluids today the fluids are tested against three different points: thermodynamic and thermophysical properties, environmental safety properties and economics. It has to be effective at cooling/heating a facility, safe for our environment, and cost effective. There are four eco-friendly HVAC refrigerants safer than freon on the market today, and more will be available in the future. They are known as R-134A, R-407C, R-404A and R-410A.

The most important step to an eco-friendly HVAC system is, of course, proper maintenance. No matter what fluids your HVAC system is running on, if it is not maintained, it is not working efficiently for your facility or the environment. If your HVAC is poorly maintained, the ducts can become infested with bacteria and mold, causing illness and unnecessary sick days. When it is functioning poorly, it will leech more electricity. It can begin to leak fluids and gases into the atmosphere and ultimately break down. This leaves a facility without flowing air or cool air for as long as it takes to fix. BRAVO! has superior HVAC maintenance services, and can prevent all of these things from happening. BRAVO! will not only clean your ducts, but lubricate and tighten moving parts to prevent friction. Friction is one of the leading causes of HVAC breakdown, and can be quite costly to repair. BRAVO! maintenance will also adjust and test the thermostat, and gauge the refrigerant charge, and ensure it isn’t leaking.

Making your business more eco-friendly is important, and it is also important to look to the future for more changes ahead. BRAVO! HVAC, as well as janitorial and electrical services, are eco-friendly solutions that are also cost-effective. BRAVO! will help your facility with upgrades and upkeep, as we all push towards a more eco-friendly, sustainable future.