What Is The Dirtiest Spot in Your Office Bathroom?

If the bathrooms in your office are not clean, they can make your employees sick. Even if they do not make you sick, they can be very gross. A gross workplace is bad for the productivity of your employees. Do not assume that your office is clean just because it looks clean. A truly clean bathroom is one that passes a germ test. For a surface to be considered sanitary it must have 1, 000 or fewer bacteria per square inch. No one wants to use a bathroom that is not clean so it is important to identify some of the dirtiest spots. It is wise to get the help of a janitorial service so you can focus on your job while they keep your bathrooms clean.

Dirtiest Parts of an Office Bathroom

Most parts of your bathroom are filled with germs but some areas are worse than others. Regular cleaning helps to prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria. It is, however, important to note that most bacteria can’t live for too long on the harsh environment of the toilet seat. While it is important to clean it, there are parts that are dirtier. They include;

The Floor

The bathroom floor is one of the dirtiest places in your bathroom. When you flush your toilet, you toss your fecal matter and other particles into the air and most of them land on the floor. The floor is, therefore, filled with germs and bacteria.

The Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit

dirtiest spot in your office restroom

The lady’s bathroom usually has a sanitary napkin disposal unit and it has more bacteria and germs than in other parts of the bathroom. These units need to be cleaned both internally and externally regularly. You should empty the unit and change the liner regularly depending on the number of female employees in your office. Offices that have many female employees may need to empty the units and change the liners frequently. Consider hiring a professional janitorial service for the best results.

Surfaces Near Hand Blowers

Hand blowers are important but they may lead to the spread of germs. They blow bacteria from people’s hands and spread them all around the bathroom. Surfaces near the hand blower are, therefore, dirtier than most parts of the bathroom. You must, therefore, clean them thoroughly and regularly.

The Sink

The sink is one of the dirtiest parts of your office bathroom. It is exposed to a lot of bacteria when people wash their hands. To get rid of germs in the sink, consider scrubbing it with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Use a disinfecting solution to get rid of germs.

The cleanest parts of most bathrooms are the toilet seats and door handles. Hus is because most people pay attention to them when cleaning as they are obvious spots. Most people use napkins to touch toilet door handles so they do not have a lot of bacteria.

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