What To Avoid When Switching To Commercial LED Lighting

What to Avoid When Switching to Commercial LED Lighting

In today’s modern world, the business environment is becoming competitive every day and for you to remain competitive, your business strategy must be a notch higher. One of such strategies that you can implement is to give your business interior lighting a new makeover.

Commercial LED LightingSwitching from the conventional lighting (Fluorescent and HID) to Commercial LED lighting will not only save you money, but will improve your business working environment. LED lighting technology will perfectly illuminate your business interiors and display sections thus, attracting more customers.

Are you planning to upgrade your conventional business lighting? Modern commercial LED lighting is the way to go. Although, you may feel excited about the lighting upgrade, avoid making the following common mistakes so that you don’t end up with a fault installation that will disappoint.

a) Avoid buying lights with different light distribution

All LED lights and fittings are designed with a more directional light output. If you are upgrading from halogen lamps or fluorescent to LED lights, you need to ascertain whether the expected light output will generate an even light distribution.

Therefore, it’s important to buy a sample first to ensure that you get the required light distribution before committing all your capital into something that might not deliver results.

b) Avoid buying lights that are too dark or too bright

You should not do an exact replacement of older lights output with LED lights. This is because, light output can be inflated by manufacturers and this can cause increase or decrease in brightness when the lights are installed.

You can avoid this by buying a sample and comparing it against other luminaire. Also, ensure that you buy from a reputable brand. Consulting a reliable supplier like BRAVO! Will help you buy the right LED lights and fittings.

c) Avoid buying lights that make colors appear dull

Color rendering index popularly known as CRI is what is used to measure the ability of a light to render color. For you to experience a well-balanced lighting, it’s recommended that you go for lights with CRI of 80 and above.

A good Commercial LED lighting supplier should be able to supply R9 (Red light) that is above 80. If you don’t use a reputable supplier with higher CRI values, all your red lights will become dull.

d) Avoid buying lights which are incompatible with your dimmer

Dimmers which are specifically designed for halogen lamps and incandescent do not always work perfectly with LED lights. Both Incandescent and halogen lights produce a standard resistive load to the dimmer which is not the case with LED lights.

When there is no compatibility, your lighting system experience component failure. Hence, it’s advisable to test the dimmers for compatibility before committing all your money.

e) Avoid dealing with disreputable LED lighting suppliers

Due to the increased demand of commercial LED lighting, there are many unlicensed LED lighting suppliers out there. If you happen to hire unscrupulous supplier, you will end up getting faulty installation.

Always look for reputable Commercial LED lighting suppliers who have good reputation, physical office, online presence and have been licensed by the relevant bodies.

At BRAVO! Group services, we have good reputation and we deliver nothing but the best. We offer unmatched Commercial LED lighting services that will boost your business efficiency thus, giving you a competitive-edge over your competitors.