What You Need For A Maintenance and Reliability Program

To understand what you need for a maintenance and reliability program, we must first be able to explain what maintenance and reliability entails. Reliability is mainly concerned with trying to avoid or minimize equipment failure and processes. This can be achieved by careful operation of equipment, proper design, and training personnel dealing with the equipment, setting specific time and controlling the environment. Reliability involves strategy and not tactics because it generates most money for any company. Maintenance on the other hand is a tactical issue that deals with correction of mistakes and failures in order to minimize costs and overall downtime. Below are some of the main things you will require for a maintenance and reliability program.

Maintenance and Reliability ProgramClear Record of Equipment

The first most important thing that any maintenance and reliability program requires is a clear and precise record of all the equipment available. With these you will also need to know the state of the equipment, have a clear and detailed account of all the manufacturing processes in order to come up with programs that will improve on the productivity and reliability of the equipment. It will also help you come up with appropriate and accurate maintenance practices.

Constant Monitoring of Equipment

The fastest and most sure way to stay ahead of all manufacturing process and equipment failure is routinely and thorough monitoring of all the equipment and processes. There should be ranking in order of criticality. The most critical equipment is to be placed under constant monitoring to ensure they function properly. All logistics can then be carried out; maintenance orders, replacement, repair and installation can then begin.

Have a Great Understanding of the Manufacturing Processes

In order to have a clear maintenance and reliability program, it is crucial to first understand clearly all the manufacturing processes involved. All businesses are about making money. There has to be a balance between avoiding failure, cost of repair and ensuring the manufacturing process is making money. The main function of any maintenance program is to ensure that the business is making money despite all the cost of maintenance.

Organizing the Team

One of the most effective ways to avoid failure of the equipment and the overall manufacturing process is to organize and properly train the stuff. Lack of proper management and skill is the main cause of frequent failures in any environment. Employees should be enabled and empowered to deal with any discrepancies however small they might be without waiting for direction or specific instructions. This is where operator care comes in. An operator care will help educate operators who handle the equipment how to run the equipment and reduce the huge number of loses or failure that arises from improper handling of equipment. This is the point where you put together a team that will ensure that all the work required maintenance and reliability is done.

Reliability Measure

Reliability measure includes all the steps taken to ensure that there is proper functioning of equipment, the maintenance processes are in check and every single detail that is required to reach the overall productivity of the company is well accounted for. These mean everything should be reliable, well maintained and available, if not then the most effective and appropriate maintenance practices should be adopted.

Outsource Your Maintenance and Reliability Program

The best way to have a proper maintenance and reliability program with the least hassle on your part is to outsource it. BRAVO! Group Services has the right teams, trained in the right maintenance expertise tohandle all of your facilities needs. Give us a call at our nearest location, and we can set up a maintenance program that will keep your equipment reliably working.