What You Should Expect From Your Janitorial Company (From the PRSM)

Most companies require the services of janitorial service providers to clean their workplaces, provide electrical work including upgrades and installs, and HVAC maintenance. Some of the services include carpet cleaning, cleaning the lavatories, cleaning floors, windows and walls among others. We understand the importance of maintaining clean premises for our customers, guests, and employees. A clean building is essential because it ensures a safe working environment and enhances the lifetime of accessories including carpets.

Effective communication

There should be clear, honest and transparent communication from the janitorial company. Feedback is always an important aspect when it comes to dealing with client issues. The company should be able to make adjustments upon customer requests. BRAVO! has a log system where clients can make requests on their specific requirements. We have a janitorial program for tracking and supervising the project to completion.

Understands the importance of quality assurance

A good janitorial company must comply with industry standards in regards to the provision of quality services to the clients. Before bringing new employees on board, BRAVO! conducts a background check and ensures they go through drug and alcohol screening as part of the onboarding process. Our customers are, therefore, at peace to know that their business is being handled by people of high integrity. 
BRAVO! Company cleaners are trained in various aspects of our job. Our supervisors are experts in this field and have a strict floor cleaning management schedule for the staff. We have a remote tracking system for employees that ensure punctuality, minimizes slack and ensures there is maximum attendance of duties without taking unapproved breaks. We understand that it can be detrimental to your business reputation if cleaning tasks are not completed on schedule.
We use cleaning detergents that are approved by industry regulators and that are safe for our employees, clients and their visitors.

Customer service

What You Should Expect From Your Janitorial Company

BRAVO! The company has a customized checklist for our clients so that they can rate our service delivery. It also helps us to improve our services to meet our clients’ needs continually. Our support log ensures clients requests are attended on a first come basis and also ensures there is effective communication and feedback session between the company and our clients. Our management is friendly, accessible, and proactive and responds to customer issues. We carry out our services with the utmost professionalism.
Functioning system
A good Janitorial company should have stable systems that allow for efficiency and consistency in jobs. BRAVO! Company’s systems support cleaning, supervision, customer service, reporting, and management. We have a digital system for use in estimates, inventory, billing, record keeping, and payroll. We have an online presence to enable our customers easily to get in touch with us. 

Relationship with third parties

In instances where there is a need for sub-contracting, we ensure to work with third parties which are efficient and reliable. BRAVO! ensures our customers receive personalized service by being transparent on whether there is a third party engagement. We provide contacts with the people responsible for the job. 

Transparent costing system

BRAVO! Company quotations vary depending on customer needs. We have both hourly and performance-based contracts for our clients. We normally provide our clients with a cost estimate depending on the type of job request.
BRAVO! has been in business for long and has extensive experience in janitorial, electrical including HVAC maintenance, upgrades, and installs, Contact us today to have peace of mind as we expertly handle your work.